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New Dan The Man Stage

2013-04-30 21:08:32 by StudioJOHO

Theres a new Dan The Man Stage 5 just uploaded. Thanks for all the comments I appreciate it. This ep starts introducing the world a bit more and some of the other main characters.

A lighter story than previous eps, but still a good way to illustrate the concept of blowback.

Ghost and Goblins was one of my favourite games growing up as you can tell. As was the TMNT pen and paper game and the Palladium fantasy rpg, so for those wondering about the confusing mix of assault rifles and castles, there you go. No one got to tell me what to do on this project.



New Dan The Man Stage


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2013-05-01 11:21:41

Loved it, and love your stuff! Your style is great and so is your storytelling and sense of humor.

Hit me up if you ever want to turn this into a real game ( check my profile to know that I can deliver :-D )


2013-05-02 13:39:07

Neat stuff!


2013-05-04 20:25:31

You need to make a Dan the Man game! It would be fantastic!