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Dan the man stage 6

2013-05-07 22:06:44 by StudioJOHO

Hi all,

This one's a change of pace from the previous few. I've had a long fascination with MMO's, esp for their possibilities for storytelling. I read and watch as much as I can get my hands on about them, (Play Money, Second Skin, The Guild, Ready Player One, Mogworld) as they just mix so many things that I'm interested in together.
'Make Love Not Warcraft' came along and really nailed how I felt these worlds could cross over into episodic animation with style.
So here's my contribution. (and don't worry DTM won't turn into a long excercise in speech bubble reading)


Dan the man stage 6


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2013-05-07 23:00:35

Don't worry about any change because I for one love everything you do with these pixel MMO's. I enjoy them alot, I hope you could do more. But thats just me, I love your work, and keep it up.


Your Fan


2013-05-08 16:47:18

The story is taking some very strange turns, I look forward to seeing where it's going to go. And I can definitely see the influence of Mogworld...


2013-05-15 12:56:26

Hey could you upload the first episode?