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Dan The Man Stage 7

2013-05-15 21:18:52 by StudioJOHO

Hi All

This is the final stage for season 1 and a bit of a double episode. Those of you who have come along for the ride I hope you've enjoyed it.
A few comments thus far have intimated that this has just been one big ad for a game, which is understandable. I'm an animator, not a game maker, my main aim is to write and animate cool stories (esp Dan the man) as I love doing it. The game component arose as a way to possibly fund me/us to do it without using conventional advertising or charging to watch eps, we'll see if it works.

I've really found myself enjoying the process of making the game, and while doing so is FUCKING HARD I think it will be a cool experience. I thought animation was hard though...

So if the experiment pays off then heaps more eps to come, Josie will have a baby and all sorts of shit will go down between now and the FINAL STAGE.

Thanks for watching, and welcoming me to NG, and thanks to PBOT for the daily picks


ps, PC version will more than likely occur.
pps any fellow Curse Of The Azure Bonds addicts out there I hope you see my hat tip

So in the words of Howlin Pelle, 'i got good news and bad news, the bad news is we only got one song left to play. The good news is that it's fuckin awesome.'

Dan The Man Stage 7


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2013-05-16 05:54:43

I think making a game for this series isn't a bad idea. It gives you a way to support the people making the videos you are watching and is a great way to kill time between episodes.

Just waiting on the PC game now.

StudioJOHO responds:

yeah PC is coming. and thanks for understanding. It was the best way I could come up with, I don't want Dan drinking Pepsi in an episode...


2013-05-16 09:49:50

Haha! A game sounds awesome! Looking forward to buying it :P Any idea where you're going to sell it? Steam would be nice, if you decide to put it up for greenlight, remember to advertise it a bit else it might go under the radar!

Looking forward to the game! Oh... and one quick question... I'm just curious what language you'll be making the game in? I'm studying games programming atm (Coming up to a sandwich year)

StudioJOHO responds:

the team making it use C++. It will be smartphone first, and hopefully PC not long after. thanks for watching


2013-05-16 11:43:23

You are on to something really big here, this is console worthy! You should shoot a demo over to Nintendo, I know they would scoop you right up and get you a team to turn this into a blockbuster! I'm not just being a crazy fanboy here, I have never seen anything like this series before and it just rocks! It's the perfect premise for gamers!

StudioJOHO responds:

yeah hopefully. The game isn't the full on open world non linear adventure it could be, as the budget isnt quite there for that yet, but eventually that would be the plan.. its still pretty cool though, good beat em up with a crazy story. i think you will dig it.. and who knows, console would be awesome


2013-05-16 22:00:51

Alright, so this wasn't a big advertisement? Alrighty then. But still, the quality of your game remains to be seen. It could be the next big thing, it could be moderately successful, or you could jsut end up in your house in a fetal position wondering "Why did I do this?" But, since I liked the series so much, I can say that I look forward to playing the game, but only on kindle fire. because I don't have a smart phone, so if the kindle thing is an option, that would be awesome. Let's hope that when you do finish the game that you announce it on Newgrounds, so that your fanbase here will know about it.


2013-05-17 03:29:23

Mainly a console gamer myself, I have never actually anticipated any mobile game release; this has changed that. Awesome job, you have something special going on here.

I'm not sure if the Youtube view counter is correct, but these aren't getting nearly as many views as they should. I hope that changes soon.

Thanks for the wild ride so far, I knew I was right to lookup Stage 1 every few months to see if anything new started up.


2013-05-18 11:33:51

Awesome news. I was hoping for a game in the first episodes I watched, and glad it'll be a reality! The fact that it seems like it'll be an integrated part of the series is a pretty interesting idea. I hope there'll still be a storyline in it though, plenty of them graphical speech bubbles we've all grown used to? How many stages do you have planned btw? Do you have plans? Thanks for all this awesome entertainment!


2013-05-18 11:34:22

Oh, I also meant to ask, is there a Stage 1? It doesn't seem to be posted.


2013-05-19 12:48:02

Yes there is, Search Dan the Man on YouTube.


2013-06-10 22:16:03

Hello there oh great and insanely awesome StudioJOHO. I am that guy that wrote that "well thought out reply" as you said. I appreciate your own well written and succinct reply. I have some extended question to add on after. You said in your reply that the game is most likely the primary method of which to experience the climax. Immediately afterwards you state that it will be turned into an episode. Now by primary referencing the game, will the movie of it have several deviations/omissions from the game if it is not the primary media? And if there will be a game AND movie to be made, which can be expected to come first and the time gap between releases of the 2? And my final question may be a bit intrusive, but in order for fans of the series to have a definitive mindset as to whether or not they would purchase the game, a small demo of it can be provided. Be it on your own site or Newgrounds itself. It is a mere suggestion, so you may ignore that final part. In advance, I apologize if I am being a slight inconvenience and asking all these questions.

StudioJOHO responds:

Hi, the episode would stick to the same plot as the game, perhaps with a few other miscellaneous additions, but the basic story I want to tell will be the same.
As for timing, that's more difficult to know, might not be for a little while after the game is released, might not be at all if the game doesn't sell.
As for a demo, this will be a decision the game studio making the game will weigh in on, a 'lite' version may be a possibility..but I'm confident you won't regret your 99 cents


2013-06-14 08:24:03

I've commented on your previous videos before, but i figured i would comment here. Thank you so much. I haven't been on edge for a game this badly since Duke Nukem forever. Hell even the rumors of a Half Life didn't have me this amped. I'm a huge supporter of indie gaming and i can't wait to see this released. Whether you do it here on newgrounds, or purchasable from your site or steam, you have me ready to get it as soon as its out.

The plot is unique, the humor is brilliantly thought out and with the combination of the graphics and the story line, you have me enraptured. I wanted to play this as a game on the whole, and was disappointed when i found out there was none (episode 2). Now this comes out and you have me excited like a fanboy. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and i hope this becomes a smash hit.

I know I'm kinda going a bit over the top, but i mean every word i say. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us.

StudioJOHO responds:

Cheers mate glad you liked the series. Pressure is on now for the game to be good...


2014-11-23 10:45:58

Gee... I'm such a huge fuc*ing fan of Dan The Man series! It's absolutely amazing. Creative, fun and smart. I really hope you guys never stop doing it. I'm anxiously waiting for Stage 8, or the game. This would rock!!


2017-01-11 15:41:09

Hi all,

If you were wondering...this game is out now for iPhone and PC now...and I wouldn't have known if I didn't remember the title! Advertise your game! :(